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Why Hire a Cleaning Professional?

Hey there! Welcome to my blog! If you’ve made it this far, then it’s safe to say that you are more than slightly interested in hiring a professional to clean your home. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place! It’s great to meet you! My name is Jade Sly, and I’ve been cleaning homes since 2013. 😊

(It's the season, so here's me with my favorite non-human!)

One of the things you’ve probably been wondering is, “Is this the right decision? Is hiring someone worth it, or am I just wasting my money?” I’m here to tell you that it is SO worth it to have someone take this task off your hands! One of the things I hear the most from the people that I clean for is the sheer relief of not having to clean on their own and how much it helps their mental health.

Some other benefits of having a regular cleaning service that you may not have thought about are:

A reduced chance of sickness.

Let’s face it, germs are everywhere right?! And I think that most of (if not all) of us have become hyper-aware of this with the rise of COVID-19. I pay a lot of attention to high touch areas such as door knobs, light switches, and appliances as well as use a broad spectrum disinfectant to reduce the chance of germs that cause sickness of being passed throughout your home!

A reduced population of pests and rodents in the home.

One of the many things I put a lot of focus and emphasis on that when I clean homes, I make sure that I have cleaned all hard to get corners, as well as under and around as much furniture as possible. Getting up all that dust, dirt, debris, dander, food crumbs, and other stuff cleared out really does help to reduce pests and rodents in the home. Having lived in Central PA for the last two years, I know how burdensome this can be!!

Extending the life of carpets and floors.

Don’t let dirt and dust ruin your gorgeous floors! Having someone come in on a regular basis really helps extend the life of your carpets and floors. Unless you’re living in a strict shoes-off home with no kid and no pets, it’s safe to say that there’s all sorts of debris that gets on your floors. As we walk on this layer of *stuff* covering our floors, that can wear away at your carpets and hardwood/tile floors over time and cause them to need replacement sooner than you had hoped. By having someone come in and thoroughly clean the floors and vacuum the carpets, it will help delay that inevitable replacement!

So now the real question….Why me? Why Jersey Jade?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, I’ve been cleaning homes since 2013, so I have nearly a decade of experience of cleaning residential homes and commercial buildings. I gained the experience working for a company called Always Immaculate Inc., based out of Toms River, NJ. As you can tell from the name, there was obviously a very high standard set in that company.

One of the benefits of working for someone like Sally Torres (owner) for so long is that I had someone with nearly my lifetime in experience guiding me, helping to correct mistakes and make me a true master of my craft.

When I approached her in 2020 to tell her I was moving from New Jersey to Harrisburg, she URGED me to get out here and start my own business. She assured me that I "had what it took to make it," and she was 100% correct. I came out here, opened up shop, and in the last two years, I have gained a reputation in my community of being trusted, detailed, and reliable.

By hiring me, you’re also sticking it to those corporations (YAY YOU!) by utilizing a small, local, independently owned LGBTQIA+ business. I’m also LLC’d, as well as insured for your protection!

The combination of my experience, my reputation, and my legal accountability make me the obvious choice when it comes to maintaining and protecting your most important and precious investment….Your home.

If you're looking to get on my schedule for after the holidays, contact me now!


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