We realize that no two homes are alike. So, it only makes sense that cleaning needs will be different from home to home, owner to owner. That is why we offer a fully customizable service package based on your cleaning needs.

We start with a thorough, no cost, evaluation of your home.

Our staff, in proper PPE, will greet you at your home. After the temperatures of all residents are taken, we will go through your home with you and help you identify the areas that you would like to see serviced as well as pointing out areas you may not have noticed before!



Incredibly determined and with a sharp eye for detail, Jade Sly has been cleaning residential homes and commercial buildings for the last decade. Jade moved to Harrisburg from New Jersey in the midst of 2019 to start her own cleaning company.

She is detailed, thorough, and incredibly meticulous. She loves cleaning homes, and it shows!